Project management

SCE Project is the ideal partner for those looking for the comprehensive and coordinated development of their visions, relying on superior interdisciplinary, architectural, structural, and building services. We focus on quality management to optimize the contributions of all team members to ensure the successful development of each project throughout all design phases. Planning, organizing, and monitoring every phase of the work guarantee the best quality and meets time and cost targets.

• Full-service design
• Coordination and integration of specialist services
• Safety coordination during design
• Planning and control of schedule
• Budget creation and cost control

Structural engineering

In the field of structural engineering, SCE Project benefits from more than 15 years of experience that highlight an integrated and flexible working system. Team engineers contribute significant expertise and also pay close attention to critical aspects such as architectural concepts, construction requirements, safety on site, schedules and costs of construction, and the investigation and selection of materials. SCE Project searches for the most innovative construction techniques; therefore, the most modern and sophisticated systems are used alongside knowledge matured over the years for the development of all expectations for construction projects.

Engineering for architecture

Because SCE Project adopts a multidisciplinary and interactive approach, we are able to realize any architectural idea, from building systems to specific details. The team brings great attention and efficiency to all aspects: design of constantly evolving interactive facade systems, structural features, safety, thermal and acoustic performance, fire resistance, special roof systems, analysis of complex elements, and studies of optional solutions.

Engineering for restoration

SCE Project also specializes in designing restorations and renovations of existing buildings and structures. Special attention is given to aspects of fundamental importance, such as diagnostics, the selection and adoption of conservation techniques and materials, analysis, testing pre- and post-intervention, as well as monitoring during the construction phases.

Engineering for infrastructure

Another important service that SCE Project offers is engineering for infrastructure, a sector in which expertise in specialist areas such as geotechnics and structural, transport, environmental, and building engineering are integrated to produce the finest results. A wide range of operations is covered, from the design of road and rail infrastructure to buildings for transport and intermodal exchange centers.

Geotechnical engineering

SCE Project gives substantial attention to geotechnical engineering through setting high standards for studying and simulating the interactions between soil and structure. Specifically, we explore the design of shallow and deep foundations, containment projects, and underground works.

Environmental engineering

There are many design solutions and methods implemented by SCE Project in resource management. Particular care is taken in the selection of materials and in highly sustainable building techniques. The company collaborates with colleagues on researching renewable energy and providing experience and multidisciplinary expertise to achieve our highest quality standards.

Our guarantees

Prestazioni tecniche sempre all’avanguardia, massima sicurezza in fase di realizzazione, pieno rispetto dei tempi di esecuzione e contenimento dei costi di costruzione: queste le garanzie offerte alle imprese da SCE Project. Senza dimenticare il vantaggio di poter avere un’analisi tecnicoeconomica di soluzioni alternative per ogni progettazione esecutiva e costruttiva per la cantierizzazione dell’opera.

Construction management

SCE Project is a benchmark in construction management for both general and specialist scopes. The company has obtained a position of leadership in its long and diverse experience in all design fields, its familiarity with largescale projects, and its very practical and highly developed problem-solving abilities. The company also performs third party testing and verification during the design, execution, and post construction phases for structural and building systems. Additionally, SCE Project commits to the definition, coordination, and execution of surveys, investigations, and monitoring of existing and new construction works.

• Site management
• Safety coordination during execution
• Technical and financial supervision of construction
• Technical assistance for clients
• Third party testing
• Surveys


SCE Project has gained experience in the development of architectural projects in various sectors, including residential and hotel construction, shopping centers and entertainment complexes, logistics and industrial centers, building for the tertiary sector, hospital and school construction, public and sports facilities, as well as multifunctional centers. Our fullservice approach to the design process ensures complete coordination of all the components of a building, so that we guarantee the maximum functionality and best performance of the project. Special attention is paid to the engineering of architectural projects, from the preliminary and concept stage to the final definition of the construction details. The final result is seen in the highest quality product that respects the original vision; the outcome is the result of solid technical preparation and respect of the initial concept.

• Architectural design
• Architectural restoration and renovation
• Architecture for sustainability
• Construction expertise