About us

Our approach

In 2001, SCE Project opened its doors and has since become a point of reference in the field of full service design and project management, offering the expertise and dynamism of a young and highly qualified staff. SCE Project’s integration of multidisciplinary services that are flexible, top-quality, and meet time and cost targets results in the company’s ability to be a front runner and provide the highest standards of efficiency and competitiveness. With over 600 projects already implemented successfully in Italy and abroad, SCE Project is the ideal choice for anyone looking for a reliable and efficient partner who produces the best solutions in any situation. Passion for its work and a strong spirit of initiative distinguish the staff, which is always ready to give its best on each project.

A multidisciplinary strategy

To ensure the greatest optimization in terms of functionality, cost, and timeframes for all projects, SCE Project adopts an innovative multidisciplinary approach. Right from the early stages of development, all of the factors that determine our successes are analyzed. With a broad capacity for understanding and integration in all specialized areas, we ensure added value for our designs. Quality, certified under the Quality Management UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 system, is therefore a key element in the SCE Project offering, achieved through the coordination of the best tools and the most expert professionals in the industry.


Research and training

Constant investment in innovation and the development of human resources have been the basis of our success for over 15 years. Additionally, SCE Project is rewarded in its continued commitment to select, train, and develop the most promising figures in the industry from a professional, creative, and construction standpoint. Young architects and engineers become valued players along a winning path that starts from the search for new solutions and feeds on the enthusiasm and desire to investigate various design themes. Everyone involved has the confidence and the ability to be the creators of their own success and the successes of the whole team.

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